Friday, May 23, 2008

Raiders of the Lost Ark - in 20 Pictures

A movie so good, 10 pictures aren't nearly enough. The best adventure film ever. I've seen this more than any other film and it's perfect every time. A+

Terrific introduction for Harrison Ford's best character.

The idol

A ridiculous sunset

The incomparable Karen Allen, perfect in every way, a pre-feminist matching Indy (and Spielberg) at every turn.


Indy knees a dude in the balls

A little sense of humor goes a long way


The map room. (Who needs CGI when you have story, character, and dialogue?)

Comedy = Tragedy + Time

The best villain of the series

An even more ridiculous sunset


The ark

Indy takes a beating

More great shadows and light

Indy's escape

The truck sequence is my favorite

Mystery, faith, and righteousness give the film unexpected depth

A terrific cynical wrap-up.

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ch said...

I rewatched the Last Crusade last night and one thing I never had picked up on before was how much they use Indy's shadow with the hat on.

I noticed it again in one of the pictures you'd's not often one finds an action film that has an eye for depth.