Monday, May 5, 2008

NBC Thursday Night 5/1

Better late than never. Back by popular (!?!) demand, this past weeks’ offerings:
Click below for The Office, 30 Rock, and Scrubs – kind of.

The Office: Did I Stutter?
Season 4, Episode 16

The second lackluster episode in a row has Stanley disrespecting Michael during a meeting, and Michael struggling and failing to discipline him. More dull drama here than laughs with only Dwight providing anything resembling comedy. It looks like Toby is leaving at the end of the season. Too bad they can’t get rid of Stanley and Ryan instead. See it, or not, here.

30 Rock: Sandwich Day
Season 2, Episode 14

Another of Liz’s ex-boyfriends (Floyd) returns and she tries to make him regret leaving her for a cushy job in Cleveland. Meanwhile, Jack tries to wake up his old boss from a coma when he gets demoted. The show moves at a breakneck speed and rips off the Punch-Drunk Love musical score beautifully. Lots of great lines, but my favorite: “I wolfed my Teamsters’ sub.” which Floyd misunderstands as a euphemism. See it here. And if you like the movie Amadeus, the terrific prior episode (Succession) is here. After the last 2 weeks, 30 Rock is back on top for the season. These last 2 episodes continue to improve with repeat viewings. Next week: Season finale where Liz might be pregnant.

Scrubs: My Waste of Time
Season 7, Episode 11

Regarding the title, I appropriately fast forwarded through most of this, but did like JD admitting he applies someone else’s wisdom to his own life every week. This felt like a set up for the season/series finale (because it was). One bad thing the writers’ strike did for many shows was have these long character arcs planned at the beginning of the season fall quickly to the ground after the usual 22 episodes becomes 12-18.


Lawyer said...

Get off of Ryan. I love the halfbeard.

The Sandwich 30Rock was great, except when she eats the sandwich with the TSA lady, which wasn't funny or interesting, unlike every other second of the show. You can't beat quotes from Adam Smith and Edmund Burke in the same episode. [weird note- in Liz's apartment, behind Floyd, you'll se an art deco poster with a cruise ship and a train...which is the exact same thing Priest got me for my wedding (and which is hanging in my guest room as I type)]

LMarie said...

30 Rock was one of my favorites. For some reason I cannot get over the woman with the eyepatch and the hamster wheel on level 12. Genius.

cmh said...

Ah, I'm glad this is back. Being in a new town I haven't yet met anyone to really process Thursday nights with on Friday mornings.

The Office:

It's seemed a little off since coming back from the strike. I have found the character developments interesting though. The new side of Dwight has been great. Last week picking up a girl and this episode with Andy's car deal...greatness.

Jim has shown a few flaws here and there...and Stanley got some attention too.

I do like Ryan...though the drug thing is a wierd twist. His character reminds me of a combination of Topher Grace sans In Good Company and Noah Wiley's Dr. Carter.

Knowing that B.J. Novak and John Krasinski went to high school together (John acting in a play that B.J. wrote {Thanks imdb for making me sound like a nerd}) makes the Ryan/Jim tension more intersting.

30 Rock-Slowly taking over The Office as my favorite show...I loved the background drop-ins about global warming.

Scrubs-It feels lazy and goofy. It starts to slide every time NBC considers ending it (The first part of seasons 5 and 6). I wonder if they just don't care anymore since it's been discussed that it's moving to ABC. - I do hope that if it moves it doesn't slide Earl up in the rotation :-(