Monday, May 19, 2008

Radiohead Concert - Dallas - May 18, 2008

At Center (Starplex). Opening act: The Liars

After Dentist's recap in connection with last week's North Carolina concert, I don't need to set the stage for this show. But this one was spectacular. The band is surprisingly 'into it' given their level of success and longevity, and the complacency doesn't seem to have settled in just yet. Each song was expertly crafted, note by note and electrode by electrode, to create a moody alt-rock heaven for those in attendance. Thom Yorke's voice hasn't lost any of its power since the last time I saw them live, on March 29, 1998 at the Fair Park Music Hall, and his hyper stage presence worked well with the songs.

They played everything from the latest album, In Rainbows, and a decent mix from their other 4 albums. The stage presentation was unique and effective. There were floor to ceiling poles that gave a light show, and 5 crisp screens behind the band, all of which came together to powerful effect. The crowd was in excess of 20,000 and the band seemed impressed by the raucous reception they received. Since Priest and Appraiser (thanks for the photos) went to this also, I expect they'll be adding their 2 cents in the comments.

Go here for a setlist and links to clips of almost every song from the concert on youtube.


priest said...

nice link. again, dentite's review is excellent and covers the majors. for me the highlights were jigsaws falling into place, national anthem, weird fishes, and paranoid android. in particular paranoid android was just phenomenal, with the light display perfectly merging with the calm-manic-calm-manic of the music. the perfect way to end the show.
Tom's voice was great and he brought great energy to the music.
The one downside was the break between every song. in some instances i felt like it kept the energy from building from song to song, but that's a minor quibble on a really concert.

on a side note, i'd have liked the opportunity to give jonny greenwod some props on the There Will Be Blood score, somehow, or just the opportunity to applaud him in particular....

appraiser said...

I agree with everything that's been said about this show. The set-list was amazing and fit together perfectly. Once the baseline to "National Anthem" kicked in, the show took off into another stratosphere.

Here's a couple of good sites for the Dallas show, and some others for that matter.