Friday, May 9, 2008

NBC Thursday Night - 5/8

And 30 Rock wins by a country mile . . . (Updated with hulu links)
(Click below for 30 Rock, The Office, and Scrubs)

30 Rock: Cooter
Season 2, Episode 15 (Season Finale)

Jack meets Cooter Burger (Matthew Broderick) at his new job at Homeland Security and after multiple disappointments, they try to get fired. Back in New York, Liz has at least 5 positive home pregnancy tests and the ever-attention starved Jenna helps Kenneth get a job at the Beijing Summer Olympics. Another well-written episode by Tina Fey has early lines returning later to great effect. Great sight gags, too - with the car in the mouth and Tina’s reaction to the fact that her boobs will get bigger. The cell phone through-line also pays off beautifully at the end when Jack and Liz meet face to face.

Laugh-out-loud line: “It’s a guaranteed disaster. Like eating a burrito before sex.”

The Office: Job Fair
Season 4, Episode 17

Michael, Oscar, Pam, and Daryl try to recruit a summer intern at a job fair at Pam’s old high school and Jim, Kevin, and Andy golf with a potential customer. Michael is at his worst, grating, unfunny self as he botches the job fair. (He really needs an episode where he does something positive). Jim doesn’t fare much better by admitting several years of complacency (how noble). Jim and Pam’s romance has grown stale and Stanley continues to ruin every scene he’s in. On a positive note, Dwight and Angela's professionalism was done well - and Kevin and Andy are consistently amusing. I don’t have much hope for next week’s hour-long season finale.

Scrubs: My Princess
Dr. Cox tells his kid a bedtime story (set in medieval times) in a desperate, lame ripoff of the classic Moonlighting episode Atomic Shakespeare. Inexplicably, Dr. Kelso appeared to be back in charge. Nothing funny here, just a bunch of actors, desperate for attention. Directed by Zach Braff. This is the last Scrubs on NBC.


cmh said...

30 Rock

Vastly superior to the other two right now. I imagine our government doesn't work all that differently as portrayed last night.

The Office

Seems to be wandering with a slight aimlessness. The only overarching story line lies in the tension betwee Ryan and Jim then Dwight and Angela. Also, Mike stepped over the creepy line too often last night.


WTF Scrubs...I used to love you. Dr. Kelso was back as was Elliot's ex-fiance...with no explanation...shoot even D.J. ex was mentioned...

maybe this was shot before the strike and they just decided to run with was the only episode that linked at all to last fall..but it was so disconnected to the post strike episodes...all said it sucked.

ABC good luck fixing it.

Lawyer said...

I thought the Office was much better last night than it has been since it returned. Jim golfing was funny, and I like seeing him try for once. Plus, any time Craig is onscreen, I am happy. "Where did you go to college, Mike?"

The 'burrito' line is the best so far in 2008.

Hillary said...

Scrubs is slowly turning into Saved by the Bell...only SBTB maybe funnier.

cmh said...

Zach Braff explains the season finale of Scrubs and move to ABC.