Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - in 10 Pictures

The most humorous of the first 3 has Indiana reuniting with his father (after being a surrogate father in Temple of Doom). Every mode of transportation is used to tell this exciting nonstop adventure story. (I thought the zeppelin was the Hindenberg when I first saw it 19 years ago.) After the 180 degree turn that was Temple of Doom, this one is only 1 or 2 degrees off from Raiders of the Lost Ark with the same sidekicks (Sallah and Marcus), the same bad guys (Nazis), some duplicate scenes (Marcus walking up to Indy's classroom early on is a carbon copy). And there's nothing wrong with that. Just trade in the Old Testament for the New, include an opening "origin" story with River Phoenix, and add Sean Connery and a film noir female and you've got a great film. B+ Trains


Terrific escape scene


Comedy = Tragedy + Time.

Airplanes (after a Zeppelin)

One of many great father-son moments





Lawyer said...

I can't wait to watch this again in anticipation of Crystal Skull. Nice points about the NT and OT.

ch said...

I was sad that Sean Connery wasn't coming back for the fourth installment. He was great as the dad.