Monday, May 19, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - in 10 Pictures

In anticipation of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (which was respectfully reviewed at its premiere at Cannes yesterday), I will be revisiting its 3 predecessors this week, before shuffling off my agoraphobia sometime later this month and travel to the theater. These are not films heavy in symbolism or meaning, but they are a lot of fun. This one is overly maligned for Kate Capshaw’s screeching, the R-rated violence, and the unexpected subject matter (child slavery, live sacrifice, and voodoo – which I happen to find interesting if not necessarily enjoy). What strikes me watching it again is Jones as a father figure and Spielberg’s well-directed set-pieces. I really like this one – monkey brains and all. BThe Great Wall

No Pilots

The Guilt Trip

The Elephant Walk

The Bad Guy

The Hero Shot

Indy Takes Charge

The Mine Shaft Race

The Brakes

The Bridge

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