Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist - C+

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Nick (Michael Cera), a Yugo-driving New Jersey high schooler, is a bassist in a drummer-less band whose 2 other members are gay. Word gets out that a popular (fictional) underground band called “Where’s Fluffy” will play a rare secret show in New York City and music-obsessed teens will spend their entire Friday night looking for it. This includes Nick’s ex-girlfriend Tris and her new college boyfriend as well as Norah (Kat Dennings), an acquaintance of Tris with a famous father and a needy on-again, off-again boyfriend (Jay Baruchel) . . .

The music is good without a “hip” or a “hop” in sight and the relationship of the titular characters works, largely because of the great chemistry between Cera and Dennings (Catherine Keener’s daughter in 40-Year Old Virgin). But all of their friends and exes are annoying stereotypes and the movie has too many coincidences to believe. The teens do a healthy amount of unsupervised, unquestioned drinking and 2 different teen girls are left stranded in NYC at separate times, calling the judgment and perspective of the precocious teens into question. There’s the obligatory Hollywood scene treating Jesus and religion in a condescending manner. There no discernible directorial style and no memorable lines except for obvious ad libs by Cera. Cera can hold his head up high and Dennings’s stock rises a few points. Everything else is forgettable. C+


Lawyer said...

This looked too 'young' for me.

Doctor said...

You might like the "music scene" aspect of it, but there's vomiting, toilet humor, and a scene set in a gay club. Might be worth a look on cable if you become an insomniac.