Saturday, April 18, 2009

30 Rock - Jackie Jormp-Jomp

30 Rock struck gold again as Liz struggles to adjust with her forced time off after sexually harassing somebody. But she starts to like the time off when she meets a group of women who do nothing but pamper themselves all day every day. Meanwhile, Jenna is presumed dead at the Kids’ Choice Awards and Jack uses the mistake to promote her Janis Joplin rip-off biopic. Lots of great lines, mostly involving Liz (“BMing like a rock star”, the Dockers line), but Tracy’s presentation of the Jenna TGS special was equally hilarious. And, most impressively, there’s a pretty ambitious directorial shot of Liz having a fabulous day with her new friends. See the full episode here."I want to Tupac you."

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Lawyer said...

A great episode.