Friday, April 10, 2009

30 Rock - "Cutbacks"

30 Rock excelled this week not only because of its timeliness, but mostly by being completely crazy in every scene. Jack and Liz are forced to cut their respective budgets due to the struggling economy. By the end, Liz gets an offer to “lez out”, confesses her joy of prank calling “Richard Sackmuncher”, and whores herself to save jobs. Kenneth is suspected of being a serial killer by Tracy and Jenna. A dead bird, a dead wife, dysarthria, pedophilia, a slutty makeup artist, and several borderline racist jokes add to the hilarity. You don’t have to be a regular viewer to appreciate it, but it helps seeing most of the characters going in unexpected and uncomfortable places. Except for Jack, who is completely in his element. See it here.
“We’re not behind the times, we’re groovy!”

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Lawyer said...

A great episode-loved kenneth switching back and forth.