Wednesday, October 8, 2008

An American Carol - D

In theaters. Rated PG-13, 83 minutes. Trailer.

An unfortunate movie timing situation pushed my group into the worst movie I've seen in the theater in a long, long time. An American Carol is a 'right wing comedy' written and directed by David Zucker (Airplane! and Naked Gun) and starring the tiny Hollywood conservative coalition. The film tells the a semi-Dickensian tale of a Michael Moore type director (played by Kevin Farley) that learns that his constant criticism of America is a bad thing and he has to repent to save the country. Out of 83 minutes, only about 5 are enjoyable or funny. Click below for more CAROL:

I'm not a Zucker fan and don't care for non-Python slapstick, so this didn't have much of a chance with me, even as a Conservative. The problem is, there IS a funny movie to be made about liberalism in America, but this is so stupid it gets in its way. For starters, the film focuses too much on Michael Moore - an unworthy target. He's worth a couple of shots, but the constant references to his weath and slovenly ways are dumb and not funny. The movie drags and drags and tries to stick to a terrible story punctuated with few actual jokes, many of which are elementary school funny, but most of which aren't funny at all. The only reason it avoid an F is the 5 or 6 funny jokes (mostly about Islam) and the points I award them for trying to make a movie about conservative values.

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