Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Fracture B/Disturbia B


Fracture tells the story of the legal cat-and-mouse game stemming from the death of a cheating trophy wife at the hands of her wealthy middle-aged husband. Ryan Gosling is the hot-shot young lawyer for the DA assigned to mop-up the details of the open-and-shut case (they've got a signed confession) on his way out the door to the big bucks law firm across town. Anthony Hopkins is (again) the intelligent and rich killer who's got them all in the palm of his hand. While there are a few logical breakdowns in the plot, the scenes between Gosling (proving the oscar nom for Half Nelson was no fluke) and Hopkins are the reason that legal dramas exist. The photography is noteworthy and the editing, tight. Sometimes there's nothing more fun than watching serious actors slum there way through by-the-number genre pics. This would be one of those times. B.

Does Disturbia shamelessly rip-off Rear Window (my second favorite Hitchcock after Vertigo)? You bet, but with a wink and a nod that just matches its charming and cocky star Shia LaBeouf. LaBeouf (at 20, already the veteran of over 15 films plus TV work) proves here he's a star on the rise. After watching his father die at 17, LaBeouf's Kale engages in a string of questionable decisions that lead him to house arrest. There, with his XBox and cable disconnected, he familiarizes himself with his neighbors, from the perv 12 year-olds watching skinemax across the street to the 18-year old bathing beauty on one side to the possible serial killer/wierdo on the other. After enlisting bathing beauty (Sarah Roemer) and a bf (Aaron Yoo) he sets out to unravel this mystery man's secrets. While the ending goes a little overboard on the body count and the gross out factor, there are real jolts and some unexpected turns here. A lot of fun for your movie buck. B.


Doctor said...

Fracture sounds like my type of movie. But I don't use "disturbia" in a sentence every day.

Priest said...

I felt the same way, but some friends wanted to see it. it's a pretty good time for what it is.

Lawyer said...

Fracture is a B for me as well. Some really good lines from Gosling ("I worked too hard to stay where I belong"). The first 2/3 is a B+, but the last 1/3 is a B- at best. Worth seeing.