Friday, September 10, 2010

Best Films of the 90s - 95-91

95. Bound - (1996)

Before the Wachowski siblings created The Matrix, they made this tight, tough crime thriller with lipstick lesbians (Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly) as the heroes. Beautifully shot and composed, the deep shadows comment on the characters' situations and risky decisions. Joey Pantoliano provides excellent dramatic and comedic support.

94. Die Hard 2 - (1990)
The first (and best) sequel upped the language and the body count but was smart enough to keep the same basic plot as its predecessor (the best action film of all-time). The snow is a terrific addition, but several characters (like Dennis Franz) are unnecessarily annoying. William Sadler would be considered a great bad guy if it weren't for Alan Rickman's Hans Gruber.

93. In the Line of Fire - (1993)
Clint Eastwood plays the only active Secret Service Agent who was working in Dallas on 11/22/63. A new assassin (John Malkovich) taunts him as he plans to kill the current president. Their interactions both as characters and actors is first-rate. But Dylan McDermott's roll as the martyred partner is predictable at best. Rene Russo and John Mahoney bring life to their small roles, and director Wolfgang Petersen keeps things moving briskly and intelligently.

92. Affliction - (1998)
Nick Nolte and James Coburn go head to head as one of the screen's greatest father-son rivalries. Sissy Spacek and Willem Dafoe turn in equally impressive, but much more subtle performances. Coburn won a well-deserved Oscar and Nolte should have won as well. A lawyer favorite, this one climbs a little higher each year.

91. Shakespeare in Love - (1998)

Smartly written by Tom Stoppard and Marc Norman, this "behind-the-scenes" look at a then-struggling Shakespeare finding his voice (and his muse) is not only endlessly entertaining and wittily performed, it gives every struggling person out there (artist or not) hope that they may achieve greatness one day - with the right set of circumstances.

100. Glengarry Glen Ross
99. Dead Again
98. Ed Wood
97. True Romance
96. The Commitments


Priest said...

do you suppose there's a certain ageism at work here, with the bottom ten of your list all from the previous decade?

Priest said...

oh, and great list thus far.

Lawyer said...

Bound - Haven't Seen

DH2 - Haven't Seen

Line of Fire - Agree with what you say. You can see the early Walt Kowalski in this role.

Affliction - I like to wallow in the emotional violence of this film.

SIL - Fine enough, but I am still miffed that it beat out The Thin Red Line and Saving Private Ryan for best picture.

Doctor said...

I promise the next 90 will be from the previous decade as well. And will include Walt Kowalski, The Thin Red Line, and Saving Private Ryan.

Priest said...

my bad. i somehow misread the title to be best films since the 90's.